PAC-MAN: Mega Tunnel Battle is Coming to Stadia!

Heavy Iron is proud to present Bandai Namco’s newest installment of one of video games’ most beloved characters of all time, PAC-MAN: Mega Tunnel Battle! Our new game is the latest multiplayer craze combining elements of the classic arcade game with a twist of today’s Battle Royale style gameplay. Compete in 64-player battles, and chomp, invade, eliminate, and survive your way through each round to be the last Pac-Man standing. Players not participating in an active game can choose to spectate matches and impact the final outcome by voting on power-ups that either aid your favorite players or wreak havoc on your rivals.

We would like to thank Bandai Namco and Google for their amazing support of this title. It has been a phenomenal experience for Heavy Iron to partner with these two great companies and launch PAC-MAN: Mega Tunnel Battle on Stadia, and we can’t wait for fans, old and new, to try it out!

For more information, visit or play the DEMO now at